2011 Rising Mississippi River and the Memphis Flood

Here are a few pictures I took Saturday, 5/7/11 of the rising Mississippi River waters.  They show the intersection of Riverside and Beale Street, and Mud Island … or actually, a few landmarks on Mud Island, while the rest of the southern part is under water. 

These photos were shot on Saturday about 3pm was at 47.15 feet. 

Below is the National Weather Service’s, Advance Hydrologic Prediction Service for Memphis showing the Flood Categories in feet.  Predictions are the Mississippi River will crest Tuesday, May 10, 2011  at 48 feet.

Flood Categories (in feet)

Major Flood Stage: 46
Moderate Flood Stage: 40
Flood Stage: 34
Action Stage: 28

Looking north down Riverside Drive at Pyramid & I-40 bridge.

Looking south towards Beale St. and Riverside Drive intersection. The old Memphis bridge in background.

Looking west under the train and trolley tracks over Beale St. at Riverside Drive.

Looking north to the I-40 bridge over Mud Island landmarks. Most of the southern part of Mud Island is under water. The flags and tree tops are all you see.