Where Do People Get Their News?

Where People Got News Yesterday

Are people still getting their news from television?  The answer appears to be “yes”.  Pew Research Center for the People and the Press released a report identifying where people get their news. 

The chart above labeled “Where People Got News Yesterday” shows  television leading at 58%.  The report says, “there has been no overall decline in the percentage saying they watched news on television, even with the continued erosion of print newspaper and radio audiences.”

Minutes Spent with News Yesterday

News consumption is on the rise due to the addition of digital news platforms.  Television news is almost half of the 70 minutes spent with news.  It appears that online is squeezing the time people spend with newspapers. 

The chart below shows the News Sources by Age, putting local television news on top with a total of 50%, followed by 40% in daily newspapers.  The interesting part of this chart is the age fluctuation for each news source. 

Advertising in the news has become fractured due to the increasing number of sources available to each consumer.  Determining the optimum media will continue to challenge the media planners as they allocate the advertising budgets.  When looking at local news media, there are so many options that additional research and analysis is necessary to make sure each dollar is spent reaching the target audience within a particular market.

This is a terrific report to reference as you consider advertising adjacent to the news.  Check out the full report from Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

News Source by Age