FedEx Debuts New 2010 TV Ads

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Memphis based FedEx is in the midst of debuting a new ad campaign during the College Football Championship Bowl series.  The ad campaign “We Understand” which was launched last year has 5 new spots that began airing in the 2010 Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2010. You can view all of the FedEx spots here.

In this MediaPost story, Steve Pacheco, managing director of advertising at FedEx said, “the new spots, which were finalized last month and debuted during the broadcast of the Sugar Bowl, will continue through the Bowl schedule this week and ramp into our regular broadcast schedule, which is heavy on cable and sports news. Our philosophy has always been that we use mass reach media as sort of air cover for all other messaging we do.” Pacheco adds that each commercial focuses on a specific FedEx product and has a call to action to the “We Understand” Web site.”

Brandweek’s Q & A interview has Pacheco explaining the advertising strategy for this year’s campaign.

BW: What€™s your advertising strategy for FedEx this year?
You€™ll see part of it with this campaign. The key word is integration. Obviously, all of the ad messaging we€™re doing is going to be completely integrated. Each of these five, 30-second TV commercials ends with a call to action. [For instance], we understand you want to grow your business internationally. And, whereas we used to have just, now we€™re driving people to a vanity URL: understand.”

In this same interview, Pacheco explains why they have opted out of advertising in the 2010 Super Bowl for the 2nd year.

BW: FedEx is sitting out the Super Bowl again this year. Was that a tough decision to make? Did not advertising in the Super Bowl last year significantly hurt the brand?
It was the right decision at the time. Like everyone else, we had a very tough year last year in light of the events in the economy [and its impact on] our business. Specifically, we made the decision to stay out of the game for the first time in 12 years. That was due to cost constraints, obviously. So, I don€™t regret the decision.”

“This year, we€™re out for a little bit of a different reason. There is a new [way of thinking] in America and beyond where folks are sort of reexamining events. It€™s been called the €œreset economy€ to some degree, and so, we€™re giving every marketing investment greater scrutiny than before. In this case, we want to leverage the FedEx Orange Bowl investment in a more powerful and impactful way, [to the point where] we€™ll be well served not to have advertised in the Super Bowl, and to have our own Super Bowl with the FedEx Orange Bowl.”

Read Steve Pacheco’s blog post where he explains more about the 2010 FedEx advertising campaign.