Household Ratings for GLEE & Finales on Tuesday 5/19

Did GLEE live up to the hype?  According to the GP post on 4/28 about GLEE’s unique marketing strategy, last night was the world’s largest grassroots screening.  For weeks now, FOX has been advertising GLEE in American Idol.  Here are last night’s numbers:

National Household Ratings for Tuesday 5/19/09
Network CDT Program HH RTG
FOX 7-8p American Idol 13.2
CBS 7-8p NCIS 10.1
ABC 8-9p Dancing with the Stars 11.7
CBS 8-9p The Mentalist 10.5
FOX 8-9p GLEE 6.2
ABC 9-10p Dancing with the Stars 13.5
CBS 9-10p Without a Trace 7.4
NBC 9-10p Law & Order SVU 4.6
Memphis Household Ratings for Tuesday 5/19/09
Net/Station CDT Program HH RTG
FOX / WHBQ 7-8p American Idol 18.3
CBS / WREG 7-8p NCIS 10.3
CBS / WREG 8-9p The Mentalist 11.5
FOX / WHBQ 8-9p GLEE 10.9
ABC / WPTY 8-10p Dancing with the Stars 8.1
CBS / WREG 9-10p Without a Trace 8.7
NBC / WMC 9-10p Law & Order SVU 3.3
  Nielsen Overnight Ratings

Nationally, GLEE lost over half the American Idol lead-in audience and about 40% locally in Memphis.  If GLEE is not competing with season finales like The Mentalist and Dancing with the Stars, they may be able to attract the viewers they desire.  Only time will tell as they roll out the summer marketing campaign for GLEE.

So the big question right now is, Kris or Adam?  Who will be crowned the Season 8 American Idol tonight….the last night of May sweeps?  Stay Tuned!