Memphis Tigers Wear Orange & Purple Uniforms for FedEx Tribute – NOT


The University of  Memphis Tigers are planning a tribute to their biggest sponsor, FedEx.  Memphis Roar tells about the upcoming Memphis Tigers vs. SMU basketball game on February 18 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.  The Tigers will wear orange and purple uniforms as a tribute to FedEx.

According to Memphis Roar, “The genius of this move can only been seen when you really look at the overall scope of what Calipari is trying to do. He is a visionary. If there is an edge to be had, he will gain it. If there is new ground to break, he will break it. A move like this is unprecedented. No other college team has done something like this.”

It goes on to say, “FedEx is one of the main reason why the University of Memphis basketball program is where it is today. On top of ensuring that John Calipari€™s salary is one of the best, if not THE best, in the country, FedEx has helped in the renovations of the Memphis practice and game-day facilities (see the FEDEX FORUM). In addition to helping the basketball team, FedEx helped with the football team€™s weight room, completely renovating the baseball complex and built one of the nation€™s top notch research facilities in the FedEx Institute for Technology.” 

Read the whole story here.  This story is no longer on Memphis Roar. 

The Commercial Appeal followed up with a story saying that U of M considered it, but the Memphis Tigers would not wear Orange and Purple after all.