Memphis Website Visitor Counts & Advertising Info

This week, 2 Memphis TV stations launched new website designs, and

All media outlets have found their companion website to be a source for significant advertising income with annual revenue growth potential. 

Below is a chart that will give an indication of the number of visitors to the Commercial Appeal and Memphis television station’s websites:

  Websites visited yesterday Websites visited past week
  Persons 18+ Persons 18+ 44,474 107,048           WPTY ABC24 & WLMT CW30 30,856 86,070                                 WHBQ FOX 13 30,976 77,892  WMC Ch 5  NBC 29,500 106,812  WREG Ch 3  CBS 42,652 127,734
Source:  Scarborough Research  Apr 08-Sep 08

Buying advertising on websites is different than buying other media.  Various sized ads (banners, leaderboards, tiles, buttons, etc.) appear in multiple places with a link to a splash page or the advertisers website.  Other website advertising options are video pre-roll ads, pop-ups, rich media, contest sponsorships to name a few, and more are being added regularly. 

The cost for the ads vary.  Some charge a range of CPMs based on the position and the page and you select the number of impressions (views).  And other ad positions are sold monthly or annually for a flat fee.  There are custom packages that will combine several elements to create an overall website campaign.  When you run these ads, it’s valuable to know the number of impressions for the ad, the number of visitors that click on the ad and the click through rate.