Barack Obama Inauguration TV Ratings, Viewers & Word Cloud


The image above is the President Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Word Cloud.  It is a weighted list of words in a visual design.  The word sizes are based on the number of times a word is used.  This particular cloud was created by Wordle.  Check out the Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Lincoln inauguration speech word clouds.

Below are the Memphis overnight household ratings of the Barack Obama swearing in and inauguration address televised from 11-11:30am cst.  These numbers do not include the viewership on cable, only the broadcast stations.

  1/20/09:  11-11:30am Memphis DMA
HH rtg Share households
WMC  5 10.6 19.3 71,420
WREG  3 8.6 15.6 57,944
WHBQ 13 9.1 16.4 61,313
WPTY  24 3.3 5.9 22,234
TOTAL 31.6   212,911
All numbers listed are estimates
Based on Nielsen 1.20.09 overnight
Estimated Memphis DMA Total Households:  673,770

It’s estimated that 1.8 – 2 million people attended the Obama inauguration in Washington, DC.

According to an Adweek and Reuters story, “Nielsen Media Research said the Obama swearing-in ceremony, parade and other events on Tuesday were the second most-watched presidential inauguration after that of Ronald Reagan in 1981, which drew 41.8 million TV viewers.  The 37.79 million-member Obama audience included homes that recorded the proceedings but not those who watched streaming Internet coverage of the event.”  Nielsen estimates a  “25.5 household rating and a rating of 13.2 for Persons 2+.  This reflects viewing across 17 broadcast and cable networks between 10am and 5pm ET.”

NBC wins with the most viewers…FOX is not available at this time.

12-1pm ET/11am-12pm CT
Total Viewers / A25-54 demo

NBC   12,210,000 / 5,178,000
ABC   11,746,000 / 4,517,000
CBS   8,245,000 / 3,211,000

12-1230ppm ET/11-1130am CT
CNN   8,496,504 / 3,459,024
FNC   5,487,901 / 1,721,854
MSNBC   3,075,589 / 1,112,969

As a comparison for the national numbers, 2008 Super Bowl had 94.5 million viewers (most in history) and the 2008 Obama wins election night in November had a total of 71.5 million viewers.

If you are interested in reading the complete text of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address, click here.  Or if you prefer, you can watch it here…