Michael Phelps to Host SNL and Has Cameo on Entourage

Michael Phelps with Entourage’s Kevin Connelly

Just saw this tidbit about Michael Phelps.  “Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has landed a cameo on hit TV show Entourage.  The eight-time gold medal winner at the recent Beijing Games will appear as himself in the upcoming series, which debuts on September 7.  Phelps has also agreed to host comedy show Saturday Night Live on September 13 and he’ll be among the presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 7.”

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Another tidbit:  “Last week, the 23-year-old Phelps landed a book deal for his memoir, titled Built to Succeed.”

It appears that HBO, MTV & NBC all plan to boost ratings with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps at the height of his popularity.  On the Today Show this morning, he casually talked about his public service of encouraging all children to learn to swim.  He’s riding the wave of popularity and reaping the benefits of hard work and accomplishment and at the same time, giving back.  He’s a class act!