Visa Ad Congratulates Phelps for 8 Golds in 2008

Visa did it again.  Michael Phelps just won his 8th gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics breaking an Olympic record for the most golds during a single Olympic games.  Visa airs a commercial in the first break after the race where Phelps won the gold.  Not just the first break, but also the first position.  As soon as I heard Morgan Freeman’s voice, I knew they had bought this break to congratulate Phelps.  If I can find the Visa commercial recognizing Phelps for 8 golds in 2008, I’ll add later. (HERE’S THE VISA / PHELPS COMMERCIAL IN MY 8/18/08 POST. )  Well done Michael…thanks for making this Olympics memorable for all of us back home.  And thanks to Visa for the commercials and the media placement that raises the bar for all Olympic advertising.